Crimmigrant Hoodlums Amok Everywhere?

While the brave Poles stand guard on the Eastern Front…


‘The Refugees Said ‘Let’s Repeat 2015!’ 

..suddenly we learn of a new rat-run, in Europe’s Deep South!


Shut the doors, they’re scumming in the windows!

When even the BBC admits that illegal aliens have engaged in ‘intimidating‘ behaviour, surely it’s time to recognise that any security forces in the vicinity should be free to draw their guns…



…and open fire on violent vermin.

I refer to the shocking incident in Majorca.


Hasil gambar untuk majorca island


Eventually, more than 20 male passengers, reportedly all Moroccan except for one Palestinian, managed to push past the crew and airport staff who had been trying to block the aircraft door.’

And, as often happens when illegals do their thing, an innocent woman got hurt.

 ‘In the chaos an air hostess was injured.. ‘

Spain already has more than enough undesirable aliens.

Robbery, Attempted Rape?’ Spain’s ‘Youngster’ Migrant Blight!

Unfortunately, it also has a government unwilling to lift a finger to disinfest its territory.

And sad to say, Majorca’s local politicians are as bad as Madrid’s, or worse.

Remember how the nasty far-left on the island voted to ban the anti-crimmigrant Italian leader?


“Not welcome in Mallorca? Who cares, I take my holidays in Italy.”

Ban Salvini? The Hell You Say! Boycott Majorca!


Isn’t it bizarre, Spanish politicians ready to ban a respectable Italian, yet with no interest in outlawing undesirable aliens?