Liverpool Terror – Another ‘Refugee?’

Liverpool taxi bomber Emad Al Swealmeen wanted to cause death and mayhem at a maternity ­hospital packed with women and babies, terror experts fear….


I don’t often use the Mirror website but chose it today to contrast its readiness to face up to the fake-refugee menace…

The 32-year-old Syrian refugee’s murderous mission was thwarted

…the key information being provided not far from the top of the Mirror’s page, in contrast…



…with the BBC’s carefully considered positioning, WAY down their web page.

But I suppose we must be glad UK Pravda mentioned the word ‘refugee…’

…in any other than a sycophantic creep context.

Considering what manner of fiend was involved in the Bataclan atrocity in Paris…



….Liverpudlians must be thanking God the beast didn’t get to fulfil his sectarian hate-mission.





…massing on the Polish border, thousands more fake-refugees hover menacingly.