Sycophantic Hag Exalts Crooked Hillary!

That aged enthusiast for left criminality, May Beard, gets on tv far too much.

Professor Mary Beard described the toppling of statues as “a noble tradition” and voiced her support for the protesters who tore down the sculpture of Colston in Bristol.. 


She knows about archaeology, and is worth listening to on that subject.

Otherwise, she’s full of left BS.

Yet how can UK Pravda…



…justify giving the pinko grannie a platform, today, at 3pm Jakarta time, to serve as cheer-leader for another notorious old baggage…



…Hillary Clinton, who almost at once began to vent neurotically about ‘a well-organised set of forces trying to turn back the clock‘ on homo-weddings and other garbage.

Good grief, I thought…



….I’ve had that quote of hers, about the ‘vast rightwing conspiracy’ on my pictorial menu for years.

What a repetitious old harpy!



And by God, these days she looks SO old!

Never mind.

It’s Beard whom we wish to criticise, for her creepy-crawl failure to hold Clinton to account, instead bleating that her American guest has ‘done more than anyone else for the empowerment of women.’

BBC Two – Inside Culture, Series 4, When Mary Met Hillary Clinton

Well, yes, of course, given how diligently Hillary ran interference for Billy Goat…



…the USA’s most high-profile sex predator since Teddy Chappaquiddick!

But one thing we won’t see on BBC is what you should watch when you have time, the educational documentary…




…which lifts the lid off the deplorable duo!

It’s an assessment of the Clintons that somebody as shallow as Mary Beard has probably never even heard of.