‘Scholar’ Arrested! Why Would Anyone Be ‘Provoked?’

We have often discussed Indonesia’s “Council of Scholars…”‘

…and rarely had much to say about them…

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…that the ‘scholars’ would enjoy reading.

But the recent news, that the National Police Anti-Terror Detachment 88  – aka Densus 88…



…have arrested a geezer named Ustaz ( Cleric) Farid Okbah, Ahmad Zain An Najah, who happens to serve on the Fatwa Commission of the Indonesian Ulema Council ( MUI )…



…in relation to terrorism allegations, has piqued our interest.

Of course sensible people will let Densus 88 do their job…

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…which they usually do very well, and not jump the gun on the detained man’s innocence or guilt.

But it seems some are not content to wait, and may be pondering causing a ruckus.

So it’s good to hear a man from Muhammadiyah…



…one of the two largest Muslim mass organisations in Indonesia, expressing his trust in the police.
“I believe the police will be very thorough in handling it,” said General Chairman Haedar Nasir, on Thursday.


Mr.Haedar asked the public not to be provoked by the arrest. According to him, that would only create a rowdy situation and conditions.

Undoubtedly, but to whom might he be referring? Who might be ‘provoked?’

All decent Indonesians applaud action against terrorism, and will be content to wait for this case to be fully dealt with.

But alas, not all Indonesians are decent, any more than all Brits…



…or Americans or Australians.

There are elements who hold fanatic sectarian views.

We have heard their voices before…..

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…when Densus88 was doing first class work against the Forces of Darkness.

Regardless of whom the Anti-Terror cops capture, such elements will try to exploit the situation for malign purposes.

Wait and see!

For more on this, there’s a good report, but you may need to use Google Tranaslate.  https://news.detik.com/berita-jawa-tengah/d-5816628/ketum-pp-muhammadiyah-angkat-bicara-soal-anggota-mui-ditangkap-densus