Fire Alison Bateman, Richmond's Woko 'Educator!'

It’s bad enough that the name of Winston Churchill is deemed unfitting in a British primary school..



..and near as bad that JK Rowling, an exceedingly successful author of children’s books, is similarly dissed.

Churchill’s sin is that he was an heroic leader in time of war and always wanted Britain to remain a world power.

Rowling’s, presumably, may be…


…that she declines to regard maladjusted men in make-up as ‘women!’

Bad enough, if the authoress of this purge, a ‘progressive’ head ‘teacher…’.

– who ‘ timed the announcement of the changes to coincide with Black History Month in October!’

– boasted of her woke-work.

But the creepy leftist, Alison Bateman, who runs Holy Trinity school in Richmond, London, somehow managed not to consult parents….




Now she’s weaseling out of responsibility for this latest left-lice outrage!



Alison Bateman, unashamed of her woke-work!


Get a load of Comrade Bateman’s smarmy, self-exculpatory claim.


‘The change was entirely driven and led by our pupils and they feel proud of having effected this change and knowing their views were heard…

The woko is blaming it on the kiddies ( aged 3 – 11, for pity’s sakes! ) that she’s meant to be in charge of!



Read the whole sick story here.


And don’t stop reading.. 

Parents should be organising to get this woman dismissed 

Show Solidarity!

Here’s the school’s contact info.

Holy Trinity CE Primary and Nursery School

Carrington Rd

TW10 5AA

020 8940 2730

Give the sly pinko HELL!