Irrational Outbursts – More Bidenalysis Needed?

I didn’t watch the trial!’

Biden absorbing ideology

But despite his need for arvo naps, BBC World News reported that Back-Stab Biden says the verdict –

‘…left many Americans angry, including himself!’

Quoted thus by one of UK Pravda’s most notorious left-biased newscasters, Lewis Vaughan Jones…

Bias – BBC’s Over-Fed Slug Goes Ballistic! 

Lewis Vaughan Jones in the BBC World News studio presenting the news live on TV

Lewis Vaughan Jones,  typical BBC type!

Biased BBC – Trump’s ‘A Manifestation of Structural Racism!’ 


…Biden stands exposed as being in contempt of…



…not court, perhaps, but clearly of juries that don’t unfairly victimise heroes.

And of course, LVJ topped up his morning colleague’s selective platforming of left lawyers…

…very even-handedly, a white lefty at breakfast, but at 3pm (Jakarta time) some dark fellow none of us has ever heard of, Quinn Rallins, but who must be on the BBC list of reliably pro-BLM guests.