Nice Words, Nadine.. Now Act!

The UK Culture Secretary has a knack for sensible sound-bites, but it’s hard to put much faith in a notorious flip-flopper.…

Another Patelian U-Turner? Don’t Trust Dorries! 


Nadine Dorries MP


However, she has a chance to prove that she’s not ‘all mouth and trousers, ‘ a phrase Yorkshiremen used to use before that sturdy Yorks spirit…

Cricket Whiner ‘Employers Must Deal With Any Who Dispute My Yarn!’

..dissolved this year in pool of spilt whine.

Nadine has just been interviewed by UK Pravda and admirably used her time on the BBC to criticise the left censorship system known as ‘cancel culture.’


But in the same report, we read that she is due to splurge a ton of tax-payers’ money!

…Dorries also announced a further £107m as part of the Culture Recovery Fund to help almost 1,000 arts and heritage organisations continue their recovery from the pandemic. 

Now we know that much of the most cancerous ‘cancel’ cr-p has occurred among ‘arts and heritage organisations.’

More Woko-Waste, York Uni This Time!

Disrupt The Racist ETO!

Of course I don’t know if those examples are included in her list of beneficiaries.

But she should nevertheless stipulate that any ‘arts and heritage organisations’ that have engaged in wokery of any sort will be getting not a penny of public funding henceforth.



The National Gallery, the British Library and, especially, the British Museum….

…must be issued with similar directives.

Such institutions should glorify, not denigrate, the British heritage,

And don’t forget the horticultural heritage!

Will Bojo Guard Gardens Against Ex-BBC Left Hack? 

Moreover, if Nadine is sincere, she needs also to tell the Arts Council that if they waste their tax cash…



Abolish the Arts Council – spiked


..on any project known to have got into ‘decolonisation’ or ‘slavery’ belly-aching, they must stand down, scrap the nonsense…

…or have their funding ‘cancelled!’