Re-Trial By Media! The Kyle Case..

Needless to say, the BBC speedily found a ‘lawyer’ named Rachel Fizet, who told us how ‘little decisions’ by the judge ‘appear to be biased towards the defence..’


Her UK Pravda host helpfully asked  – Would the verdict be different in other US states?

Oh yes!

If in New York or California, a ‘very big difference..’

Well, yes, because most of us know there are 50 states in federal America, each with its own laws. .

BUT.. that judge was ‘sympathetic.’

Oh dear!

Good old BBC!

Then over to Kermit Cuomo, who whined that ‘there’s plenty to be upset about!’

To be fair, Fredo/Kermit/Chris had to acknowledge the results were in line with the laws of Wisconsin, yet….

 ‘Legally justified, but wrong.’

Then he had Kyle’s attorney, towards whom Kermit put on his grumpy face…

Story image for chris cuomo antifa from RealClearPolitics

CNN – So Cuomo’s OK With Stoning US Troops?!? Chris ‘Fredo’ Cuomo   (Kermit, we used to call him, because of his frog-like face) 

… and disputed that the kid had ‘guts‘ to face the red nazi thug (and convicted sex offender!) Rosenbaum.

But Cuomo instantly admitted that the leftist hoodlum was –

‘..probably going to beat him (Kyle) up..

Then Kermit had the ‘great aunt’ of another dead trouble-maker, Huber, who attacked Kyle and got shot. .

He would do the same thing again… 

Prior to Kermit, CNN had one ‘expert‘ admitting the ‘racial justice protest’ involved looting and violence…


 ..but when challenged by another left panellist, he quickly added that Kyle ‘wasn’t a good kid.’

Nobody on that panel was remotely pleased about the outcome, but just in case they weren’t hostile enough, CNN announced they were reaching out to…


Jacob Blake’s uncle!

He had, we were told, described the verdict as ‘heinous.’




I went to make coffee, unwilling to listen to what legal insights ‘Uncle’ might have, perhaps garnered from that warrant..

Blake was a suspect in a felony sexual assault case who was shot by police while resisting arrest, according to police.’

Or from Kamala, who yesterday held full presidential powers for 85 minutes.

Remember her?

Kamala commending BLM’s marxist founders..


….Harris lauded the “brilliance” of Black Lives Matter co-founders Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi, the Post said

Coalition of black pastors rips Kamala Harris for celebrating ‘brilliance’ of Black Lives Matter founders

…and what Kamala said about Blake!

Kamala Harris Told Jacob Blake She Was ‘Proud’ of Him, Lawyer Says – Yahoo News
Don ‘Bitter’ Lemon was OTW, and I can’t stand the sight of that queer bigot…CNN’s Far-Left Lemon Wants To ‘De-Program’ Voters He Dislikes! 

… I felt it was time to sunbathe in my front yard!