An Inglorious 12th? Bojo Schedules Ulster Sell-Out

It may not be on the 12th of December but it won’t be far off.

As one might have expected of Jellyfish Johnson, Ulster is being betrayed, left under the robed rogues of Luxemburg…


…the European Court of Justice.

“Before an empire’s eyes, the traitor claims his price, no need for further lies, we are the sacrifice.” 

Kipling penned those words over a century ago, and they ring sadly true today, with the news leaked to patriots across the water, as DUP MPs are being whipped into line to swallow this latest back-stab..’s also believed that “sellout loyalist personnel ” and church leaders are expected to issue statements in support of the Deal.
Government sources with the NIO are reaching out to the ” usual suspects ” and others to ask them to issue follow-up statements in support of the Deal.
A press conference is being planned for Stormont, our information is that dates in or around 2nd week is “on”.
Lord Frost and key players have keep “Dairy dates open…”