‘Asylum’ Aliens Should Have NO Demo Rights!

Having lived contentedly in a foreign country for more than two decades – and having come here legally…



…no gate-crashing borders or maritime limits, I naturally comment on what goes on…



…but would never presume actively to interfere in the host nation’s affairs by joIning demos of any sort.



But it seems the vile ‘asylum’ ingrates in the UK have a lot less manners than I do!

On Thursday morning, grassroots immigrant support groups marched from Kenmure Street – where crowds prevented an immigration raid earlier this year – to the Home Office centre on the south side of the city, chanting “climate justice equals migrant justice”.


And fanatic local leftists like Kat Hobbs of something called “the Network for Police Monitoring,” appears to have lost her marxist marbles on the matter!

She’s quote saying ‘there was no reason someone with an insecure visa status should have their right to protest threatened.

Well of course there’s reason, Comrade Kat….

…they’re aliens, in somebody else’s country!

To get the background to this, you need to know that the aliens and the local subversives mentioned are in Glasgow, a city where even the cops crawl to crimmigrants…

Glasgow Cops Appease Pro-Crimmigrant Mob

…and the pinko shrills are up in arms because Mears Group, the company responsible for ‘asylum’ (aka fake-refugee) housing, wrote to what they call their ‘service users’ with

...advice to avoid protests where a police presence is involved, so as not to be in a situation that could become difficult or unsafe.

The far left went nuts, raving that to ‘discourage’ people, many of whom are climate refugees, from joining the Cop26 climate justice protests is outrageous!

Again, it’s not.

Mears should have told the aliens to keep their insolent beaks out of British business.

If they want to protest about their own governments, they  should go home and see how far that gets them!

But Mears instead went into grovel mode.

“It is important to recognise the context of this advice, which is that our service users include many vulnerable people and many who do not speak English well, while being in the centre of the city at what is an unprecedented time. Our service users are of course free to participate in Cop26 activities as they wish.”


Well, I suppose decent Glaswegians who saw these insolent intruders on their streets will have had their indifference towards COP26 cr-p reinforced.

But that’s not the point.

More to the point, how many of these aliens will turn out to be FAILED ‘asylum-seekers,’ evil parasites…

….like the pig who self-abbatoired in Liverpool the other day?

And how quickly will Priti Patel boot the swine out, if that’s the case?

And will Police Scotland’s leftist high command…

….allow the law to be enforced in Glasgow?