Cricket Whiner ‘Creepy?’ A Cover-Up?

Remember the Cricket Whiner?

Cricket Whiner ‘Employers Must Deal With Any Who Dispute My Yarn!’

I prefer not to use the self-righteous Paddy’s name…

.. who’s no Paddy, yet it’s apparently okay to use ethnic P-words except if they refer to individuals of Pakistani ancestry, in which case it’s “racist” – go figure!



…but since a new revelation requires an extract fron the media report, here we go.

Ms Ajith described the alleged messages from Azeem Rafiq as “creepy” when she spoke to The Yorkshire Post, adding “I was just kind of shocked by the crudity of those messages. They were just so vulgar.”

Not nice, yeah, but certainly newsworthy!

Strangely, however, using Google Search with the teenage girl’s name, I could only find a few entries mentioning how she has bravely spoken up! .



Nothing from the BBC, but maybe I missed it?

Please try….



….and see if the Guardian’s got the story, yeah?

And there’s more, about one of the Cricket Whiner’s more far-fetched yarns.

She did not dispute his claims of racism but questioned the accusations of being forced to drink by teammates as “surely that wouldn’t then mean he would be drinking alone on a flight and encouraging a 17-year-old girl to be drinking with him.”.


Well, glug-glug-glug!

A spokesman for Mr Rafiq told the newspaper that they were looking into the matter and couldn’t comment further at the time.

Good work, GB News, publishing this…

…but I must quibble with something further down their page, viz..

Former Yorkshire spinner Rafiq has won widespread praise for his resolve in highlighting the issue of racial discrimination in cricket.

The cry-baby has also amassed widespread contempt for his pathetic tell-tale tactics, and a lot of us think those who dispute his whines are not getting a fair deal.

But the BBC and much of the rotten media do not seem to care about balanced reporting on this real or alleged banter.