Get Real! There Are 1.4 Billion Pengs!

Is it ‘genuine proof that she is free to speak and move as she wishes?’

That was the BBC’s man in Adolf Xi’s totalitarian empire today…

Poor Peng – Trapped In Xi’s Hell! 

WTA threatens to pull tournaments out of China over Peng Shuai
China’s Peng Shuai.

..asking the obvious question about the tennis player.

But the man misses the point.

Red China is a slave state, run by a marxist cabal..


… which deserves to be put on trial for inflicting the Wuhan Plague on all of us.

Until they are overthrown, prosecuted, and, ideally, hanged in Tiananmen Square…



NOBODY in that oppressed land is –

‘free to speak and move as she…’

.. or he!