Good Luck, Jose Antonio Kast!

Never heard of him?

Well, with a bit of luck he could soon be President of Chile…

José Antonio Kast (2019) 4x3 cropped.jpg

Jose Antonio Kast

…though today’s vote is only the first round.

Nobody’s expected to get over 50% of the vote this time.

But Kast is said to favour a large moat to stop illegal immigrants…

…and, another plus point, is very much disliked by Chilean gaystapoids.

Like all decent people, he detests communists.

Riotous reds did terrible damage in last year’s mayhem…

Chile’s Church-Burning Red Rabble!

….and the only other candidate with a chance is backed by an alliance that includes the Communist Party.

The good guy’s supporters apparently refer to him by his initials, so..

Let’s Back JAK!