No Kyle-Style Heroes In Big Apple?

I see that a mob of savages ran amok yesterday…


  .a riot was declared by police in the city of Portland, Oregon, on Friday evening as some 200 people broke windows and threw objects.

There were also protests in Chicago and New York, but they were relatively low-key….BBC website

…but I had just read news of angry leftist savages ‘terrorizing’ peaceful citizens in the Big Apple!


..about 40 mostly masked rabble rousers terrorized the neighborhood by destroying cars, American flags and attacking a cop..

If the BBC regards such riotous mayhem as a ‘low-key protest,’ well, that’s UK Pravda…



…just being its usual lousy left self!

But what a shame that the decent people there in New York, of whom there are many, did not take to the streets, armed…



..and ready to put down the vile hoodlums terrorising their neighbourhood. .

Alas, gun laws are different, from state to state.

And much else..

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In Wisconsin, you can defend yourself and not be punished!