Freaks Amok! JKR’s Truth Targetted!

Even sexual maladjusts have the right to organise a mincing protest march or hire a hall and stage a rally.


…when vicious transfreaks show up at JK Rowling’s HOME, that’s when they need to be slapped down…


…or locked up!

It is a clear and present danger and Rowling is 100% correct to say that the scumbags were ‘trying to intimidate her.’

The authoress has been facing manic hostility from militant freaks for some time…

Harry Potter Was Fun But Freak-Fan Thespians? NOT! 

….but her latest ‘offence’ was to support ‘a Scottish feminist campaign group’ which apparently takes the sane view as she does – that just because some stubbly-chinned man insists he’s a ‘woman,’ that’s NO reason anybody has to believe him.



Nor is the sad weirdo somehow authorised by his delusion to ramble into ladies’ toilets or changing rooms.

What such creatures need. .


…is not appeasement but a padded cell – till psychiatrists can remedy their mental illness.

Knowing what we know about Police Scotland’s low calibre leftist high command…

Glasgow Cops Appease Pro-Crimmigrant Mob

…it’s not a given that they will round up the menacing freaks, despite JKR having identified three ‘actors’ as culprits

The sicko trio, ‘drag artists,’ so we read, go by absurd names – Richard Energy and Holly Stars and Georgia Frost.

Have these things been rounded up for questioning?

Wait and See!