Who Poisoned A Generation’s Mind?

I started writing this last month, but with so many things to write about, then Remembrance Day and Poland to think about, I decided to save it till now.

BBC have some nerve!

While most of us are delighted their race-obsessed ‘Black British History Month’ is over…

Black Power’ Play At BBC?

…they then drag in that arrogant preachy leftist, whom they describe as a ‘TV historian’ – Prof David Olusoga ( is he a ‘TV historian’ only because the BBC  hires him again and again…

Prof David Olusoga

David Olusoga


(out of hundreds, thousands maybe, perfectly good non-left historians and paying him out of coerced license fees)


…secure in the knowledge that he is as steeped in BLM bias as the state broadcaster’s in-crowd?

UK Pravda’s plain purpose is to spin British history…



…against the way most of us enjoyed it.

Not all schoolkids did enjoy history but those of us who did liked learning about Clive of India, and Wolfe’s heroic victory in Canada…


…and about terrific commanders like Nelson and Wellington.

And if our side lost a war or two, against insurgent Americans, for example, we could handle that.

Building the greatest empire the world has ever known. ..



…was no small feat and we were rightly proud.

But this pinko prof has a different, and distasteful, tale to tell.

The way history is viewed is changing. It’s possibly a deeper change than some people realise because I don’t think what we’re living through is a series of political events; I think we’re living through a generational shift,” he says.


And that has come about how?

Has a generation been toxified by the changing climate, perhaps?



It’s what they’re taught and how they’re taught, by rancid left propagandists masquerading as ‘teachers!’



With a little help from ‘tv historians,’ needless to say.

It’s all down to people in their 20s, those at school and in their teens, who have a relationship with history which, says Prof Olusoga, is profoundly different from that of their parents and grandparents.

A different relationship?

They have had years of divisive, subversive, anti-patriotic indoctrination to divide them from their parents and grandparents…


…and as Olusoga makes VERY clear, left prejudice is bound to have infected many of them, to his immense satisfaction.

“They do not want British history to be a catalogue of heroes and victories and glorious chapters,” he says.. 

Why the Hell not?


If Olusoga is correct in his gloat, they are a pack of sick puppies!

But I refuse to give up hope.

National pride, in one’s history and  heritage of global greatness simply cannot have been eradicated.

The same process had been underway long before 1981…

…yet I remember vividly the crowds of true Brits cheering the Task Force as it left to win the Falklands War…

. ..


…and the cheering throng too that lined the London streets, patriots young and old, for the Falklands Victory March.

The sickness afflicting too many of a generation can be cured.

A good start would be keeping Olusoga’s bitter negativity off tv screens from now on….

…and making sure the evil of CRT is kept out of class-rooms.