Red-Head Rats Out UK Unity?


Unionist politicians have criticised the shadow Northern Ireland secretary after she said Labour should be neutral if there was an Irish unity referendum.

Louise Haigh deserves to be dubbed Lady Haw Haw for her disloyalty to Queen and Country….


…her base assertion that if Britain’s ancestral enemy, Eire, were cheer-leading their Fifth Column in Ulster, the Haigh-Hag would sit back and refuse “to be a persuader for the union”.


Louise Haigh
Contact details  63-65 Chesterfield Road, Sheffield S8 0RL

Now we wait, best not with bated breath (!) for Starmer to stomp the treacherous vixen.

It was, after all, Starmer who ‘said he would campaign to keep Northern Ireland in the UK in the event of a border poll.’

Okay, as far as that goes, but British leaders of ALL parties need to go further!

They should make it clear that any border poll should be organised in such as way as to delineate ‘fifth-column” areas and ‘good-citizen’ areas, with a view to post-poll partition.

NO loyal citizens should be obliged to have anything to do with the absurd and unhistorical notion of a ‘United Ireland!’