SSGB Looms Up, In A Fog Of Disputed Whining

Isn’t it about time somebody told that shrill little whiner Azeem Rafiq to shut his gob?

Cricket Whiner ‘Creepy?’ A Cover-Up? 

Why should anyone take the uppity -squeak squealer’s word against that of the English cricketer Bresnan?

Yet the entire effete cricket in-crowd appear to be doing just that.


All you need to know about laws on lie detectors tests. iPleaders


As far as I’m aware, the Cricket Whiner has not even been made to take a lie-detector test.

My headline refers to a brilliant alternative history yarn…


….about Britain languishing under Nazi Occupation in 1941


Yet what’s going on today could as easily be portrayed as the UK taken over in the Cold War, as a Soviet satellite.

Incredibly, Warwickshire Cricket Club has sentenced Bresnan to RE-EDUCATION…



…or as it’s known in the Wokery Era…

“Cultural Awareness and Appreciation Training!”

“Tim will be heavily involved in this process,” said Warwickshire chairman Mark McCafferty, who added that the training would be extended to the coaches and wider management team

The only culture English cricketers should need to know about, that of England, they already do, for sure.

Along with the cultures of Scotland, Ulster and Wales, that’s what the UK is all about.

Other people, still inexplicably clinging to other cultures that belong in far-away lands…


…should smarten up or sod off.