Crown Prosecution Or Crimmigrant Collabos?

Didn’t Labour leader Keir Starmer used to run the Crown Prosecution Service


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He has his new job now, but it seems like a lot of his former CPS colleagues (comrades?) still ostensibly serving Britain….


The Crown Prosecution Service notoriously…UK Tax-Payers – ‘Defective Descendants Of Albino Mutants?’ …crawls to BLM racism


– if any ‘civil servants’ today still see that as their role-

….are no better than Enemy Within collabos.

Here’s the latest news of their anti-British mind-set!

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is failing to prosecute migrants who arrive in the UK illegally, figures show, as MPs warned that “soft touch” justice was encouraging people to get on small boats to cross the Channel….

That’s a damn disgrace.

We know there have been thousands of crimmigrants pouring in from France….

only 51 convictions among 46,000 people who have entered illegally since December 2019


… and each and every one of the wannabe parasites should have been charged and detained….

….not just a paltry 51, for pity’s sake.

If convicted, of course, of ANY offence, they should not serve further time…

( at already over-burdened tax-payers’ expense!)

…but simply get kicked out, back to where they came from.