Good Work, Guardian? Yes, For Once?

Quite appalling that Barclays refused to hand over an old lady’s money…

she was told last September that the bank was closing her account on 28 December because of Brexit.. 

…till a Guardian journo intervened.

No circumstances changed – the banksters just dragged their feet, until finally they had to cower from potentially bad publicity

But what about other issues we have seen raised about Barclays, such as their kow-tow memo?

Barclays memo tells staff ‘black lives matter’

No assertion by Barclays that…



…but Barclay’s is unfortunately not the only bank up to its neck in partisan politics…


Lloyds Bank, Still Funding Secretive Europhiles! 

…not least Lloyds.

Funding, collaborating with a rabid Europhiliac pressure group that boasts about its furtive meetings with business interests?

Their response to complaints was pathetic then too!

Keep track of what your bank is up to.

If you are a share-holder, use your rights toquestion and condemn politicises roguery! .

If you have an account, close it!

And soon we’ll be taking a look at the Bank of England!