Sack ‘Em If They Turn Traitor!

It’s a sad fact that, for years, membership apathy has led to UK trade (labour) unions having fallen into the hands of left to far-left factions.


Marxists of every variety!

But this latest outbreak of dangerous disloyalty requires a drastic, dramatic response!

The Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) has joined Care4Calais and one other charity in their legal fight to prevent the pushback plans from going ahead..

These union reds must be slapped down!

It’s true that the rank and file members may well regard the blow-hard pro-crimmigrants in senior PCS positions as woko-loco windbags, and carry on doing the jobs they’re paid to do.


PCS says it has not ruled out taking steps to disrupt the policy if the home secretary insists on proceeding with it.

It must be made crystal clear to every PCS member in border security work that any move to obstruct, either by action or inaction, measures to repel illegal alien incursions…



…will result in instant dismissal, with loss of all pension rights.


No Surrender To Union Subversion!