Toronto District School Board Smears Muslims!

SO! ….

…..a Canadian school board recently caused an uproar after it withdrew support for an event featuring Yazidi activist, former Islamic State (ISIS) sex slave, and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Nadia Murad out of concern it could foster “Islamophobia” and “offend” Muslim students.

Well, it’s not just ANY Canadian school board, it’s the foul leftist rat’s nest called the Toronto District School Board…

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Toronto Deviant School Board Calls In Cops to Bully Blogger 

‘Toronto The Good?’ – Where Perverts Freely Hound Christians! 

…which we have noticed, with infinite disgust, in the past.

And while this moronic censorship of a lady…


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…whose message deserves to be heard in every school and every community, in Canada and around the world….




…has been rightly condemned, the angriest condemnation of TDSB’s slur should come from Muslims, all of whom the TDSB has, by its decision, equated with the satanic ISIS rape gang.

After all, if the TDSB says it’s protecting Muslims from ‘offence’ by preventing the lady’s denunciation of ISIS, the TDSB is suggesting very clearly that ISIS must be dear to Muslim hearts.

WHICH IT IS NOT, and I say that because I live in a 90% Muslim city and often enjoy the company of pleasant people who happen to be Muslim.

Only a minority of rabid primitives here have any sympathy with ISIS.

So thanks be for Tarek Fateh…



…of the Muslim Canadian Congress – A Muslim Voice of Reason – a famously righteous Canadian Muslim, who has joined the chorus of protest against the Enemy Within called TDSB.