Waukesha – A Racist Terror Crime?

There’s been precious little media attention to the fact the ‘wannabe rapper’ detained and charged after the Waukesha Massacre…


Faces of Darrell Brooks

 Darrell Brooks


…. may or may not be found guilty but is nevertheless a vile racist whose hatred of white people is a matter of public record.

So thanks to spiked.com for reminding me to help remedy the info-gap…


Exactly a week after the tragedy in Waukesha, CNN duplicitously insinuated that a car was the cause of six deaths and 62 people b … Read more


….left by the Lugenpresse’s woke fake journos.

The shameful silence on the Waukesha massacre

The article, by Brendan O’Neill, offers this link to the racist “rapper’s” invective against white people

…as well as a quote from the brute on the joys of

‘knokkin white ppl TF out’.

It seems the driver’s race-hate was likely stimulated by spurious left ideology, the wide-spread woke fantasy of ‘white privilege,’ too.

The spiked.com writer’s speculation, on how the rotten media would be convulsed by what they like to think of as their ‘investigative journalism…’



…if a racist white driver were charged with the mass-murder of a group of innocent white people, is worth reading from start to finish.

Another, separate but related, aspect is how this Brooks was able to get ridiculously low bail that allowed him to be on that street driving his car that day in Waukesha.

Wisconsin – once a fairly normal American state, inhabited by nice normal people, including a certain blonde GOP activist whom I met in Koblenz’s Ehrenbreitstein castle many years ago and whom I have never forgotten – has been subject to some very unwholesome meddling by outsiders in recent years.

One particular outsider has been funneling money to ‘American’ media!


Read this below, about that familiar face…

“Journalism outlets funded by Soros include ProPublica, National Public Radio, Columbia Journalism Review and scores of nonprofit journalism schools and programs worldwide –

– including the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism…”

Accuracy in Media reveals Milwaukee DA in Waukesha case has deep ties to George Soros, progressives

What has that last-named outfit done in respect of investigating Brooks?

I don’t know.

But it makes you think, does it not?