BBC Megaphones Lying Crimmigrant’s Claims!

Again, at 3pm Jakarta time today, UK Pravda played the bias card…



…an ‘interview’ with a ‘young Somali,’ hiding his lying face, giving only part of his name (‘Muhammad’)

It was hardly an interview at all, the slimy BBC hack (whose own accent was not from any UK area) asking none of the seriously necessary questions…



…like what the hell gives these alien bums the right to gate-crash other people’s countries?

The whining swine claimed the boat he was on had reached British territorial waters, not a whit of proof to back up his yelping.

Who cares, you may say!

But apart from quoting a very brief UK denial, Beebo didn’t challenge the crimmigrant.



Instead we were told the interviewee was still suffering from hypothermia.


Big deal.

What else would one expect, if one goes to sea on an illegal voyage and ends up in the Channel’s icy waters?

Only himself to blame

But Beebo lacked the integrity to point that out.