Lie Back And Think Of England? Telegraph Sell-Out!

Since when does fighting crime equate to legalising it?

Much of the ‘British’ media has long been spinning the crimmigrant issue, along shameful lines that, on any other type of crime, would be subject to instant mockery.

Too many muggings?

Tell people to hand over their wallets to any aggressive lout who approaches them.



Too much breaking and entering?

Tell people to leave their valuables on the window sill!

Too many sexual assaults?.



Tell women to lie back and think of England!

Manifestly absurd, and offensive! As you might expect from the Guardian…

…or the creeps who work for BBC.

But another media domino has fallen!

I just read, in the usually relatively-sane Telegraph, this simpering sell-out, Kate Andrews…


…arguing that to curb illegal incursions, one must award wannabe parasites new ‘legal’ ways to facitate their infestation of the Sceptred Isle!


No apologies for re-stating the obvious alternative solution.


If there were ANY serious interest on Patel’s part in stopping the crimmigrant tsunami, she’d stop providing the swine with full board and lodging in hotels…



…and put them on bread and water in bare-bones camps on uninhabited islands.

Make them wish they’d never set sail from that Channel shore in northern France.


France should do the same.

Maybe if the election next year produces a, pro-French president, instead of a cosmopolitan bankster, there could be joint deportation flights as a new display of the Entente Cordiale.

Maybe Brits too will elect a pro-British government, in place of the charlatan they have at present.