Shy Bankers Forced To Fess Up On Freaks?

As safe as the Bank of England!

Didn’t that used to be a guarantee of reliability? 



So what are we to make of the fact that reporters had to use the Freedom of Information Act to find out the extent of the B of E’s involvement in transfreakery?

I was moved to look at this frightful situation after a lady back in The Old Country drew my attention to the fact that the Bank of England is splurging money on sex-change surgery for maladjusted staff.

Stupid, yes, but if it were a privately owned bank, up to the share-holders to bring the rogue management to hell.


This bank is the property of the British people. Their own ‘mission statement’ makes no reference to cosseting sexual misfits.

It says, quite simply – Our mission is to promote the good of the people of the United Kingdom by maintaining monetary and financial stability.

So how the HELL does that encompass the waste of public money by the bank’s governor, who…

Andrew Bailey.jpg
Governor Andrew Bailey

….approved the lighting up of its headquarters on Threadneedle Street in blue, pink and white to mark Transgender Awareness Week.


See the source image




And how the HELL does it turn out that ‘the Bank has three times more transgender staff than the average for the UK population as a whole..’




It must be nauseating for the normal employees!

As noted, already, this damned bank belongs to the people, so…

Who authorised that governor, Andrew Bailey, to illuminate the historic building for such a demeaning purpose?

Is he not accountable to democratic representatives?

Who appointed Bailey?

That would be a member of Jellfish Johnson’s Tory government, Sajid Javid, as I found out by diligent searching.

But was it not he who caught flak from the freaks not that long ago…

Hey, Javid! Thwart Trannies! Use Liberum Veto 

…when he made what we called ‘very mild, almost, let’s be frank, inadequate, observations on how to accommodate trans-freaks in health service facilities…

Official portrait of Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP crop 2.jpg

….and ‘unleashed a terrible din of mincing ‘men’ stamping their little feet in indignation.’

LGBT organisations have responded with outrage to Mr Javid’s “reactionary” and “harmful” statement, and accusing him of “sexualising young trans people” by “implying they are a threat” to women’s safety.

Of course male trannies pretending to be women ARE a threat to women’s safety.

However, did that Tory minister not vet the B of E man for pro-freak sympathies?

Bad enough, that Bailey thus tainted the bank’s good name, but why did it take an FoI to expose how the bank ‘updated its policies on equality for transgender, non-binary and gender-fluid employees earlier this year.’

https: //

Worse (?) is that the same bank, owned by the people, I again remind you, has been grovelling to the racist BLM gang.

Bank of England removes ten paintings and seven busts of governors and directors with links to the slave trade following BLM protests.

This Bailey and his cabal are servile in their kow-towing to the marxists of BLM.

...the BoE said it had never itself been directly involved in the slave trade. But it said it was aware of some ‘inexcusable connections’ involving former governors and directors, and apologised for them.

How inane, to apologise for something you didn’t do!

But more urgently, what can Brits do, to purge the bank of the bizarre?

A letter to your MP might be better than nothing.