‘Auntie, As It’s Affectionately Known…’ Get Real!

Auntie’ as it’s affectionately known does have some new shows planned for Christmas, however. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1530009/BBC-news-licence-fee-defund-Christmas-lineup-identical-mrs-browns-boys-eastenders

That one word, ‘Auntie,’ stuck out in a report about UK Pravda’s dismal Festive Season tv fare.

I’ved used it myself, rarely…

A Leftist Lesbian Love Affair – ‘Auntie’ And ‘Mother Jones?’ 

…because older readers will recognise it, and probably recall a time when the BBC’s ever-less-hidden agenda…


..had not erased whatever measure of ‘affection’ was felt for the tax-finded propaganda channel.

So I’m surprised the Express did not put quotation marks around the archaic term.

Nobody likes the BBC, except woko-loco weirdos.

Moreover, I suspect the pinko creeps and queers who infest the BBC…

BBC Pro-Homo Bias, Again! 

Courtesy Of All You Brits – Special Bogs For BBC Queers

….must dislike ‘Auntie,’ projecting as it does an image of a kindly lady of a certain age.

Can’t have that.

Nor ‘Uncle!’

Those words are sexist and don’t reflect what BBC keeps telling us is the modern world.

How about a new, more contemporary word, ‘non-binary,’ as freakos say.