A Biden Betrayal Foiled, Amid Glaring BBC Bias!

Is it not astounding how fast UK Pravda can come up with a far-left ‘expert’ when their pro-crimmigrant agenda is affronted?



A perfect example appeared today, a very odd-looking character named Allen Morris, from something called ‘Raices,’ which the BBC’s Ben Boulos carefully described as a ‘non-profit!’

But not as ‘non-bias!’



Comrade Morris was invited onto UK Pravda (‘BBC WORLD NEWS!’ hourly bulletins, till 11am Jakarta time, today)…

Court order forces feds to revive Trump-era ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy

…to explain the admirable high court ruling, that Biden could not dismantle a key Trump anti-crimmigrant measure.


The ‘expert’ – who had apparently been an honoured guest at the Biden-occupied White House – whined and whined that the senile dolt had not protected illegal aliens sufficiently!

So I thought to check how impartial an expert the BBC had procured!



Here’s a quote from his recent past.

“It is imperative that everyone pick up the phone and call your Senator. Tell them to ensure that there is a pathway to citizenship for all immigrants.”

RAICES unwaveringly believes that after decades of broken promises, undocumented immigrants deserve a path to citizenship immediately, and nothing less. .


That’s bad enough, but for a complete picture of his fanatical leftism try this link below – in which BTW, there’s an explanation of why he’s odd-looking – he’s a queer!

But that’s of minimal interest, only mentioned because, after that news bulletin, 11.30am, we had Sackur and HardTalk, with another ranting leftist queer, a nonentity named Michael Stipe.

An odd but not unusual day with BBC.

Morris’s language in the link below is not just far-left but rabidly, ferociously fanatical…


…read it for yourselves…


…and see what BBC likes to pretend is merely informed input.