Well Done, Reform UK – BBC Skips Big Issue

When asked if there were any door-step issues reported by candidates…



…the BBC man at the Bexley by-election count did NOT mention the crimmigrant crisis.

(BBC World News 9am Jakarta time)

Migrant crisis key doorstep issue in by-election, says Reform UK candidate


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bbc news richard tice

 Richard Tice


UK Pravda reporters presumably  don’t spend a lot of time reading the Telegraph!

Yet he could not ignore the fact that Reform UK leader Richard Tice came a ( very good! ) third.

I resume my appeals for patriot unity.

And In Bexley Too… Patriots, Divided, Can’t Win 


<img class="i-amphtml-blurry-placeholder" src="data:;base64,Old Bexley and Sidcup by-election - swing of 10.2% from Conservatives to Labour. Turnout 33.5%