BBC Barbados – Correction/Apology

I recently published some observations on Barbados….

Barbados, A Republic Without Popular Assent? .

…and suggested BBC had not covered the views of people there who disagreed with the decision to end the Crown link.

Last night, I happened to tune into UK Pravda and lo, a ‘British-Barbadian’ was on, talking to people with views both pro and con.

So I amend my comments accordingly.

It’s important to admit oversights and say sorry if we get it wrong.

I do so, in the ( probably vain!) hope that the BBC will follow my example…



…for example in their dishonest failure to identify their guest yesterday….

A Biden Betrayal Foiled, Amid Glaring BBC Bias!

….as a rabid left extremist.

BTW, a zealous pro-republic campaigner in Barbados in the programme last night freely admitted that over SIXTY percent of the people would have preferred to keep the monarchy… IF the political class had given them the chance to vote!