Fight Fake ‘Inclusion’ That Dictates Exclusion!


Yorkshire players threaten to quit after mass sacking of coaching staff caught up in racism scandal


At last some honest Brits show signs of standing up to the Cricket Whiner’s unsubstantiated whining….

SSGB Looms Up, In A Fog Of Disputed Whining 

…and, just as heinous, their lordly enforcer, who prattles about ‘inclusive’ while excluding innocent staff.

New chairman Lord Patel said dismissal of Martyn Moxon, Andrew Gale and others was necessary to rebuild trust in the county

As foul a double standard as UK Pravda, the biased bigots of the BBC…



…who similarly shrill about ‘inclusion, ‘ yet EXCLUDE a cricket star,  Mr. Vaughan, because of unproven smears by that whining git.



And what about this?

England Test captain Joe Root stands by his statement that he cannot recall seeing any instances of racism at Yorkshire – but says he and cricket must learn from Azeem Rafiq’s allegations and the subsequent fallout.


If he never saw or heard anything amiss, why crawl before that cur?

Tell the yelper to STF UP!