‘God’s NOT An Arab?’ But Most Of Us Know That!

“The statement by Army Chief of Staff Dudung Abdurrahman, who said that God is not an Arab, is a big mistake. This of course insults the Creator, whose position is clear as God, and thus he is degraded by being called a person,” he said



General Dudung's Speech About God Made Many, Directly Hit By The Prophet's Grandson, His Sentence Makjleb!

General Dudung


The general sparked controversy because he mentioned that he prayed using Indonesian because the God he believed in is not an Arab…’

Another cleric came out with this astounding assertion.

Habib Abubakar -General Dudung’s statement could spark public uproar…


Among which public?

…he also asked General Dudung to stop all counterproductive actions with his duties in the TNI. https://www.wartaekonomi.co.id/read377968/ucapan-jenderal-dudung-soal-tuhan-bikin-ramai-langsung-kena-tegur-cucu-nabi-kalimatnya-makjleb?

As far as most of us know, General Dudung is doing a good job with the TNI (Indonesian Armed Forces)


‘ With the People, the TNI is Strong!’


Stating a self-evident truth is hardly being ‘counter-productive!

I love Indonesia…



…but sometimes, with the input from some clerics?

Well, it makes life more interesting, ket’s just say!