What Makes Red Nazis Run? ONE Nun!

I’ve always liked this little illustration…


Hasil gambar untuk nuns with guns


…which is handy for juxtaposing with reports on primitive savages who think murdering innocents…


…earns them plus-points in the after-life.

But a real-life nun has become something of a national heroine in France, for single-handedly scaring off a red nazi antifa rat-pack.

The report concerns a Marseilles bistro where patriot presidential candidate Éric Zemmour had lunch.

After he left, a cowardly mob of antifa scumbags attacked the eatery, causing thousands of euros worth of damage to its storefront.



The proprietor, faced with 50 marxist hoodlums, was powerless to protect his property.

Next day, Antifa members came back to the restaurant and began spray painting the facade of the building…


….the restaurateur, exasperated, then saw a surreal scene take place…. A nun who the restaurant owner knows from the community…

France: Nun chases away Antifa hooligans vandalizing restaurant where Zemmour ate

She asked them what they were doing. They tried to justify themselves, saying, ‘He’s a fascist!’

“You are the fascists,” screamed the nun in response, and then she proceeded to shoo the Antifa members away from the restaurant until they left the scene.

Quote from the nun –

“I asked them what they were doing. They replied that it was ‘a restaurant of fascists’ because it had hosted Eric Zemmour.

“I told them it didn’t make sense. I told them ‘please go,’ in a very simple way. Was it my female voice that surprised them? Anyway, they left very quickly before the police arrived.”


An interesting story, of an impressive, brave nun.

But there’s another aspect.

When I tried to use Google Search to bring the report back, to double-check the details, zap!

No sign of it. I tried ‘Marseilles..nun..antifa…Zemmour…’

Nothing appeared.

I had to go back to the email I was sent. Curious, yes?

And when taken in conjunction with part of the story which suggests some grubby local journos had guided the red nazis to the resto, it does make one wonder how much news is A manufactured by media…

…and B suppressed.