National Trust Cowers From A Question!

Rescuing the National Trust from the woke-weasels remains a work in progress….

…, but it’s good to see news stories that keep the ruling clique’s leftist antics…

…in the public memory.

As today, a report about the Royal Mint’s refusal to issue a coin for the NT’s 125th anniversary.

It seems the ‘charity’ may have been denied a coin  because of its pro-deviant campaigning…


Brits Can’t Trust The National Trust’s Gaystapo Collabos! 

…the pro-homo bully tactics which they had to stop after being exposed.

And its bid to take Easter out of Easter Eggs!


The Great British Non-Easter Egg Hunt? 

But the sheer Stalinoid stone-walling by its spokesperson, when asked about the report?

Asked for the National Trust’s view on the Royal Mint sub-committee’s judgement, a spokesperson for the charity said: “This relates to a matter three years ago which is no longer relevant

How arrogant!

So if a question embarrasses these stuck-ups, the condescending gits refuse to respond because, in their opinion, it’s not ‘relevant?

Who says?

Not to them, maybe, but to us public, who are now watching these uppity wokos VERY closely.