Telegraph’s ‘Kill The King’ Headline – Very Bad!

I criticised the Telegraph last week.…

Lie Back And Think Of England? Telegraph Sell-Out! 

…and now do so again, rather more sternly.

Who on earth approved a headline like THIS? ‘

In the Republicans’ Game of Thrones, somebody needs to step up and kill the king

Reading the article below the headline, it’s very clear that the author, some geezer I have never heard of, has no intention of urging assassination.

It’s a call for political, not physical, elimination of the Man Who Was…

…And, I Hope, Will Again, Be President.

Donald Trump’s malevolent presence is wrecking the GOP. But who will dare take him on… ‘

But given the number of unpleasant people in the USA who have exulted in rants about the possibility of somebody murdering the best POTUS since Reagan..

Johnny Depp ‘Loveable?’ Gimme A Break! 


‘About time for an assassination’: Trump death threats swamp Twitter 

…it strikes me as manifestly irresponsible.

The Telegraph likes to be seen as a ‘conservative’ newspaper, but it harbours unpleasant Trumpophobic elements..…

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…whom we’ve mentioned before.

If somebody on our side of the spectrum began talking about killing the person currently occupying the White House..



…or the one before Donald Trump, even allegorically, there’d be HELL to pay.

It’s a BAD headline!

Am I wrong!