Now Restore That Bristol Statue!

So Sheffield’s people have stood their ground against the war on their civic identity as a British city?




A collection of academics and agitprop asses made clear their far-left attitudes by expressing elitist animosity towards…

‘…features across the city in street names, collections and public art which ‘perpetuate racist, outdated and uncomfortable messages…’


Outdated‘ in whose eyes?

Uncomfortable‘ to whom?

Uppity BLM racist whiners, pinko creeps in general and, plainly, the out-of-touch….



…and clearly unrepresentative motley crew on the cabal designated to carry out the survey!

Why did these elitists dislike some ‘features?’

They have a problem with ‘an inadequate expression of its large and diverse population.’


If people move to a grand old English city like Sheffield…



Arms (crest) of Sheffield


….it doesn’t matter where they come from, as long as they don’t think the city should change to fit their ‘diverse’ origins!



If they are not interested in fitting in, they shouldn’t move in.

Same if people move to a country!

Stuck-ups like those Sheffield commissars dont agree.

But they got a bit of a shock!

Their ‘consultation on the findings took place between July and September….



…and found most who responded did not want to see any changes!


Good result!

But the good people of Sheffield should beware.

Marxists don’t respect the rules of democratic decision-making.

They will be weaselling away in the most shadowy corridors of power…



…determined to thwart the will of the citizens.

And THAT brings me to my headline!

Protesters throw the statue into Bristol harbour

  The Gutless Bristol Police

When the cowardly cop-commanders in Bristol stood back and let a mob of red scum topple that statue…

…. the rotten rozzers knew very well they were conniving in an anti-democratic act.

No ballot, no citizens’ consultation, no people’s vote, had been carried out, on that statue’s position.

Now it’s been tucked away, apparently replaced by some disgusting image more pleasing to the mob.

Not good enough!

A referendum should be held, on returning old Colston to his rightful place.

It need cost nothing much at all…

…if the ballot paper is issued along with the ballot papers for council candidates at the next municipal elections in Bristol.

If the PEOPLE don’t want Colston back on his plinth, he can stay tucked away.


If there’s a democratic demand for his restoration, put him back.


And batter any red scum who try to knock him down