Women’s Lib Takes On Transfreak Predators!

Women’s Lib has come a long way from 1960s bra-burning..

Oops! Sorry, not a bra…just a Eurosceptic day-dreaming!


…which we all used to laugh at.

An unusual source, for this blog, tells how in crazed California, the Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) argues that the Transgender Respect, Agency, and Dignity Act, or State Bill 132, which came into effect from the start of 2021, violates women’s constitutional rights.

This insane law compels prisons in that demented patch of God’s Good Earth to ‘house a person who identifies as transgender, non-binary or intersex in a correctional facility designated for men or women based on their preference.’


So some filthy male freak merely has to say he’s a woman…

….and the state swallows that preposterous denial of biological truth?


WoLF said the “foundational basis” of its lawsuit is that trans women prisoners are “male offenders” and pose a danger to women.A

Absolutely true, and watching RT news today confirms that California is a very sick society, with reports of real female prisoners having to be supplied with contraceptives, due to rape-risk.

A very sick society…


Has A-G Rob Bonta ever met a sexual maladjust he doesn’t like?…

..in more ways than one, which perhaps explains why they have an Attorney General named Rob Bonta, who is expected to vigorously defend the predator’s charter, aka law SB 132…

See also the Los Angeles Times report- but beware, the LAT is pro-freak..