Amazing Interview – Old Bat’s Foul-Mouth Brat

I find Avi Yemini’s work often admirable, and so use it, with due acknowledgement, from time to time, careful to include the appeal for support which Rebel News deserves.

Today’s report, from Australia, of course…



….more or less speaks for itself, but….

If you ever wonder what must be going through the head of Antifa extremists, you have to check this video out.

During the weekend’s rally in Melbourne an 18-year-old attempted to egg MP Craig Kelly who was giving a speech on stage to a huge crowd.

Egged on by his mother, it isn’t hard to see where the young man gets his strange ideas about freedom and democracy from.

See for yourself!

WATCH my interview with both of them moments after the incident and SHARE the video with your friends.

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Avi Yemini

Chief Australia Correspondent

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Does the mother disgrace the child more than the foul-mouthed child disgraces its mother?