BBC Gives Platform To Pro-Crimmigrant Pole

Just settling down to read a good detective story, but had to watch Jellyfish wriggling…

Bye-Bye Bojo? Wouldn’t Be Surprised! 

….then at 8.30pm, BBC had a cute blonde Polish ‘NGO’ whinerette snarling prettily against her own country’s heroic defence of the borders….


Poles Defend Europe, EU Back-Stabs

….against the illegal horde.

Allegedly some Nigerian’s body had been found near that border.

No suggestion of foul play.

If he died of misadventure, entirely his own fault…




…for attempting to gate-crash other people’s territory.

But Blondie blethered on, the whole pinko script, ‘push-backs,’ blah-blah.

A cuter ( much cuter! ) version of Red Ylva!


  • Euro-Commissar Ylva Johansson

We are not allowing pushbacks. We will not allow pushbacks.”

Impartial BBC coming up!


We wish you the best of luck,‘ simpered UK Pravda’s Kasia Madera.

No voice heard from Poland’s government, nor any Pole who likes having a secure border.