Can Texas Get Back To Normal?

Before Back-Stab Biden can turn his arguably impaired mind towards castrating the Supreme Court…

Biden’s Supreme Court Packers Pack Up

… here’s a petition from NOM which Americans who reject the imposition of homo-weddings should sign.

The position taken by Rep. James White in Texas has strong legal support.



In fact, after the Obergefell ruling came down in 2015, over sixty of our nation’s most prominent legal scholars issued an opinion advising that states should not regard the ruling as binding on them, but rather only binding on the litigants involved.

Naturally, Big Tech is now suppressing this legal opinion, but you can read it here.
Attorney General Paxton is a strong conservative and so far has never buckled to pressure from the left, but many GOP elected officials around the country have cowardly avoided challenging the LGBT agenda, especially when it comes to defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. That’s why this petition effort is so important.
Attorney General Paxton needs to hear from the grassroots that we will stand behind him if he issues the ruling that Rep. White has requested and that prominent legal scholars have advised.

By signing this petition, an email will be sent in your name to Attorney General Paxton urging him to stand for restoring marriage in the great state of Texas.  Please sign the petition today.