Will EuroNews Earn Wrath Of MCB?

France has arrested two men on suspicion of planning a “jihadist-inspired” knife attack, judicial sources told AFP


French folk will be worried, remembering the outrage…

…committed by primitive sectarians in Strasbourg, at Christnas  2018.

Not much detail so far on the detained duo, hence we can’t answer key questions, most importantly, are they ‘asylum’ seekers.…

.. .

Failure To Deport Banlieue Savages Exacts An On-Going Toll! 

…or resident in the notorious banlieues?

My headline is merely a means of drawing attention to another shocking assault…



…that on the freedom of the press, the guilty party being the MCB.

See the source image

The Muslim Council of Britain disgraced itself this month with a ‘report’ calling for sectarian censorship.

Decent Muslims, as well as everyone else who hates terrorism, will deplore how that fanatical gang is trying to suffocate honest reporting….

The great Islamophobia con

…even seeking to stop the use of the word ‘jihadist!’

So if you haven’t read spiked.com’s excellent exposure of MCB extremism, please do.

And there’s another good link, looking at how the BBC, among others, seems prepared to dignify the extremists by sitting down and debating their hogwash.