Don’t Equate Sinn Fein/IRA Scum With HM Forces!

In July, the Northern Ireland Secretary announced plans for a statute of limitations, which would end all prosecutions for Troubles incidents up to April 1998 and would apply to military veterans as well as ex-paramilitaries….

That’s from a report on a demand – by a Tory MP! – for the resignation of the Tory minister Brandon Lewis.

‘He has let down his party and the people who fought to uphold the law in Northern Ireland!’

Strong words, but Mark Francois is one of the better men at Westminster….


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…as when he slapped down one notable mitred malignant a few years ago, saying that Britons were exhausted from being told why the result of the Brexit referendum should be overturned.

“I suspect they will not be overjoyed by having it rubbed in by the Archbishop of Canterbury to boot.. .. .Frock Off, Weasel Welby! 


As for Brandon Lewis…

Tory Democracy? Kidding, Right? Tory Jackboot, More Like! 

May’s enforcer, Brandon Lewis! 

Enough said!

Up popped Jacob Rees-Mogg, to share the blame for the delay.

“It is not specific or personal to the Secretary of State because bills have to be agreed collectively before they can be presented and this Bill is in equal measure important and complicated…’

Okay, but what will bother many honest Brits is this!

“It is right that we should treat former soldiers who have served this country bravely fairly and we should protect them.

It is also right that we should not give carte blanche to terrorists, and getting this balance right in legislation that we bring forward is not simple.”


Whatever that means!

It sounds grand, that bit about not giving ‘carte blanche to terrorists,’ but that hardly squares with what’s at the top of our page, a statute that…

‘...would apply to military veterans as well as ex-paramilitaries.

Why the Hell should members of the Sinn Fein/IRA murder gang be afforded ANY statute of limitations?

Terrorists and traitors to their country?



They should be dragged to a gallows and strung up!

But there’s more!

Brandon Lewis, this month, ‘admitted the deadline had been “missed” following a meeting of the British-Irish Intergovernmental Conference.’

The very concept of the UK in an ‘Intergovernmental Conference‘ with a bad neighbour..- which has ALWAYS been a bad neighbour, mourning Hitler in 1945 and harbouring ‘on-the-run’ terrorists – …is absurd.

But I would wager a yard of ale that the protracted delay has been caused by Eire’s envoys at the conference!



Like their evil predecessors, they see themselves as the champions of the scum element in Ulster. They won’t rest until disloyal vermin get the best break possible.