Facebook Lawyers Admit- ‘Fact Checks’ Are OPINIONS!

How many times have you wondered…

‘Fact-Checkers” Make War On Truth!

BBC Refutes Snopes ‘Fact-Check’ – There ARE No-Go Zones In Sweden! 

…about the so-called ‘fact-checking’ industry?

We know Facebook has long exercised bare-faced censorship, sometimes capricious, as when they shut me down for exposing the Cikeusik Pogram…


Facebook’s Status – Enemy Within – Exposed Again

….to a wider audience than Zuckwit’s Geekstapo felt appropriate.

Sometimes, censorship is imposed…

Zuckwit’s Geekstapo Banned ‘Anti-Christ’ Film? 

….for NO reason Facebook is prepared to reveal!



More often, they have censored people purely on ideological grounds, causing one outcry after another..


Facebook’s Hate-Freaks – Exposed! 

…until they decided they’d better be more dissimulative and refine their approach to suppression of dissent.

But now their own attorneys seem to have exploded the pretence that Facebook, sorry, Meta, as Obama’s chum Mark prefers nowadays to call his behemoth…



….works with ‘fact-checkers!

The honest lawyers have clarified that what the ‘fact-checkers’ do is present not facts at all….

Big Tech Court Filing Admits ‘Fact Checks’ Are Just A Matter Of ‘Protected’ Opinion


And ain’t it strange…

…that none of the rotten media have thought fit to let YOU, the people, know about this revelation.