Dutch Too Let ‘Asylum’ Savages Run Wild?

Sad, but unsurprising to note that the Dutch…



…like the irresponsible British authorities, maintain the idiotic practice of allowing ‘asylum’ aliens freely to roam the streets….

…and equally unsurprising that many of the uppity curs abuse this privilege.

Dutch town gets segregated bus line against migrants,” Free West Media,

You may not have heard of Ter Apel, but civilised residents there are getting a new, direct bus connection to Zwolle station.

Cause for rejoicing?

Not exactly.

According to the report I’ve been reading, this way ‘authorities hope to separate the nuisance-causing asylum seekers from an asylum center in Ter Apel from Dutch passengers in Emmen.’

Reading on, the Dutch population have had to ‘deal with petty crime and assault.’

Ter Apel asylum seekers can still travel with a regular connection. ‘

Good grief!

If they’re that much bother, the anti-social louts shouldn’t be allowed out at all.

Significantly, ‘the municipality of Emmen, together with Vluchtelingenwerk, wants to see what can be done to return asylum seekers who have been deported from Ter Apel to their country of origin.’

I interpet that to mean a significant number of the aliens claiming ‘asylum’ have been found out – that they are fakers, lying about their claims of persecution or whatever other nonsense they have adduced in support of their claim.

Finally, we learn that ‘the mayor has indicated that they would take “extra measurestogether with the police and enforcers to solve the problem…. area bans “for the biggest rioters”

Riotous ingrate fake-“refugees’ should be shipped out without delay.

Or if they choose to riot, shoot them!