Awas, Jakarta! Beware That Un-‘British’ Council!

I used to drop by the Jakarta offices of the British Council, but that was before they gave away the rather useful library.

Since then, not so much.

And in view of the news this week, best steer clear of the pathetic wokified outfit.

( ‘Awas!’ means ‘Watch out!’)

I’m certainly not the only one to feel this way.

“The British Council should be encouraging people not to take offence when no offence is intended – in other words, the exact opposite of what they are doing here.

The report, exposing outrageous PC gibberish which British Council HQ is recommending’ to staff worldwide…



  • and please note, it had to be brought into the light of day by a formal “Freedom of Information’ request!
  • .

….reveals what must rank among the worst examples of national/cultural self-hate exposed for quite a while.

An organisation which annually leeches millions from the British public purse to promote the United Kingdom…

( 189 million this year! )

 ..dislikes using everyday British usage, like ‘Brits’ and ‘the Queen’s English.’


Sounds like some disloyal douche-bag’s got into their machinery…


Image result for evil irishman


…in view of their ‘advisory’ “against the use of the word ‘Brits’ to describe people from the UK, ‘as the term generally does not include people from Northern Ireland’.”


Indonesian readers please note, the people of Ulster, the British Province of Northern Ireland, delight in being British.

Ulsterfolk are as British as it gets!.

If the ‘British’ Council has on its staff some sympathiser with the disloyal minority in Northern Ireland, the Bloodbeast Adams/IRA think-alikes….



…that infiltrator needs to be rooted out.

Much of the BC-PC hogwash is predictable, but get this..


It’s so bad that the dumbo PC drips who composed it warn against using ‘politically-correct…’

…because it ‘downplays and trivialises the hurt and offence caused’ in certain circumstances.


Get a life, pinko creeps!

And this?

.…remarking that ‘the colour scheme is insane’ or ‘they had a fit’ should be off limits due to the mental health connotations

To my Indonesian readers, beware – this organisation’s verbal vomit is in NO way representative of decent ordinary British people, the True Brits!


To True Brits back in The Old Country…

Tell these woke-weasels what you think of them!

United Kingdom +44 (0)161 957 7755

But more importantly….


….email your MP and demand that not a penny more from YOUR taxes be provided, until they withdraw their ‘advisory’ grovel-gunk, apologise, and fire the ratbag that wrote it.