Guardian Sounds Terror Alarm – Quietly!

Just catching up with the ghastly Guardian…

(always a rich resource for anyone lacking sufficient sympathy for ‘asylum’ aliens who gate-crash British borders)

…and found an intriguing use of statistics.

Up to 80% of those involved in attacks or attack planning in 2019 were British born or raised, police believe… indicating domestic social issues were among the root causes

That means ‘up to’ ONE IN FIVE of those involved in attacks. .. 

Some 20%...

… were NOT ‘British-Born or Raised!

Let”s skip exactly what ‘RAISED‘ might mean – obviously NOT British-born, so when were they allowed into the UK, at what age, in what circumstances?

More questions than answers?

If common-sense punishments were handed down for all those known to be involved in treasonous terrorist ‘attacks or attack planning…’



…perhaps no matter.

But if they’re not British born, whoever let them in…

..equally deserves to face investigation.

However, one further quote from the Guardian…

..indicating domestic social issues were among the root causes

‘Domestic social issues…?’

Like what, the prices in the supermarkets?

Just because that 80% were UK born, don’t try to blame Britain!

If they fell under the influence of evil alien ideologies…



…or absorbed primitive alien beliefs from their elders or teachers…


Unleashing The Pig Choudary? Introduce Internment NOW! 

… then it’s only Britain’s fault for allowing such backward beliefs to be disseminated anywhere in the UK.