National Trust? Beware McGrady’s Delight!

The far-left are rarely foolish, which is one reason they have captured control of so many previously respected institutions, including ‘charities!’

And once an institution is captured…

..,.cultural marxists don’t readily let go.



Hence I must respectfully reserve judgement on the welcome offered by the Telegraph to the new, American, chairman of the National Trust..

…a welcome largely based on the fact that Mr Olivieri has ‘not commented’ on the ‘culture wars.’

‘No Comment’ is not usually cause for rejoicing!

My hesitancy arises not least because of how pleased the notorious NT director, McGrady, seems to be!

You can read her warm words in the link below, and also note Mr. Olivieri’s assertion that, while ‘we must all work together to preserve and promote our heritage..’

…that clear duty is to be combined with…

taking climate action…’

If that means lending umbrellas to visitors at NT open-air sites, like Hadrian’s Wall, okay.



But if his use of the catch-phrase indicates imminent climate panic outbursts…?