A Bad Head In Bolton!

No, I’m not talking about a Lancashire bloke with a hang-over!

I refer to Rachael Lucas, who is scrapping the traditional titles Head Boy and Head Girl at her Church of England school, claiming they are ‘outdated’.


Lucas, Mrs Rachael - BSCA - Headteacher - Jul17 (2).jpg

Lucas, another ‘teacher’ heedless of parents’ moral values, and of science!

Instead, Bolton St Catherine’s Academy will have ‘Head Ambassadors’.

Now this leftist vixen could just have quietly curried favour with the evil UK ruling class by making the change and keeping her kow-tow trap shut…


…but instead she trumpets her betrayal of decency, her eager embrace of the gaystapo agenda….

…saying that ‘gender-neutral titles would provide ‘a welcoming atmosphere for all…’  –

The pinko bint’s sell-out reflects the school’s ‘desire to continue to be known as an inclusive community’.

Was it already known for its ‘inclusivity,’ eagerly embracing the maladjusted, without letting on to normal people, parents, for example?



We don’t know how bad it already is, but for sure her antics provoked…


 ….anger among parents!

As one indignant dad wrote in their Facebook page:

God help us. Teachers need re-educating.

‘The genes don’t lie. Male or female, boy or girl. Cannot be anything else.


Here are the contact details….

Stitch-Mi-Lane, Harwood, Bolton, Gt ManchesterBL2 4HU

Tel: 01204 332533

Email: contact@boltonstcatherinesacademy.org.uk

…so you may tell her what you think!