Xmas Storytime? The Brexit Elf!?

As stated a few days ago, my attention is elsewhere, so please be patient until normal ferocious resistance blogging is resumed.

Enjoy opening these links…

Rt Hon. Sir John Redwood MP narrates the festive Christmas story of the Brexit Elf

Click here to watch Sir John Redwood’s EUletide fairy tale.

Do you believe in Brexit? You can read Sir John’s Christmas story by clicking here.

from the Bruges Group!

…to Sir John Redwood’s Christmas offerings!

And in stunning contrast, consider the level of red trash…

Freedom of speech is not to be confused with questioning the rights of minorities. . 
Like, uh, why not?
Infantile marxist goons need to be exposed!

…that abounds in once reputable Durham University, which, years ago, was my second choice uni, had I not got the place I wanted

Sample just one little bit of the bitter bigotry revealed in this article.