Lloyd – Cricket Whiner Scum’s Last 2021 Victim?

Having considered American sport earlier today…As 2021 Fades Away, A Bright Light Shines!…now a brief look at the UK scene

Quite sickening, really, the way the Cricket Whiner…

Fight Fake ‘Inclusion’ That Dictates Exclusion! 

SSGB Looms Up, In A Fog Of Disputed Whining 

…squealing like a rabid piglet, has been able to hurt so many people.


David Lloyd has ended his 22-year role as a commentator at Sky Sports just a month after he was accused by Azeem Rafiq of being a “closet racist”.

But that slimy whiner Rafiq would have gotten nowhere with his hateful race-jihad, were it not for rank cowardice on the part of MPs, cricket officials and media creeps galore, who failed to call the pipsqueak out for his putrid witch-hunt.

But the report gets more nauseating, the more one reads

Rafiq is said to have immediately contacted the former England head coach to offer his sympathy, with friends insisting “he had not intended for this to happen” when he made the claims. Sky said four weeks ago that it was investigating… 



The little sh-t flings around unprovable allegations…



….and media jerks ‘investigate…?’

Pity they don’t seem so eager to investigate the squamous Squealer causing all the trouble. .Cricket Whiner ‘Creepy?’ A Cover-Up? 

As if ‘covert racist’ is even an allegation that normal Brits would give a monkey’s about anyway.